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Default Local Node in IB

July 2, 2008 2 comments

The only local node definition used by PeopleSoft Integration Broker is the one designated Default Local, which represents the database onto which you are signed. Only portals use nodes designated simply as Local.

If we try to ping a local node which is not a default local node, we will get the following message. Destination node does not match the local node (158,506).

Default Local Node indicates whether the current node represents the database to which you are assigned. PeopleSoft Integration Broker is delivered with one node predefined as the default local node. You can’t change which node is the default local node, but you can use the Rename Node button to rename the default local node to more appropriately reflect your application or system.

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Configuring Integration Gateway

January 10, 2008 16 comments

Here are the steps for configuring Integration Gateway in PeopleSoft: 

Open a browser and enter the URL string in the address bar http://ipaddress/PSIGW/PeopleSoftListeningConnector Click enter, you will see the screen showing the following message.

PeopleSoft Integration Gateway
PeopleSoft Listening connector
Tools version:8.45.10
Status: ACTIVE

Loading Gateway Connectors:
Go to PeopleTools> Integration Broker> Gateways

On this page check the Local Gateway check box.
Enter http://ipaddress/PSIGW/PeopleSoftListeningConnector  in the URL field

First Save the Page. Then Click on Load Gateway Connectors button, this will populate all the Connectors and shows the following message.

Loading Process was successful. Number of connectors Loaded:10, Number of Properties Loaded 164.(158,42)

Hit the Save Button to save all the connectors.

Modification of Gateway Properties file:

Click on Properties link after the URL field.

Enter USERID and Password. (Default USERID = administrator and Password = password)

Gateway Properties file will open up.

Modify the following lines in the gateway properties file

ig.isc.PT_LOCAL.serverURL=//ipaddress:JOLT Listener Port
#Use the supplied “PAssword Encryption Utility” to generate an encrypted password for the next entry.

After modification of Gateway Properties file, Click on Apply button, and then Click on OK button. Save the Gateway page again.

From 8.49 tools onwards, you no longer need to edit the gateway properties file, instead there will be fields you need to fill the fields. Check the Node by pinging the node. You should get success result when you ping the node. Then Save the page.

Reboot the web server after the configuration file is modified.

Making Domain Status Active:
Go to PeopleTools> Integration Broker> Monitor > Monitor Message, click on Domain Status tab.

Select the Domain Status as active,  click on Update button.
Click on Refresh button to see the Dispatcher status as ACT (Active)

With this the Integration Broker configuration is complete.