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Using WebLogic Server Console to Monitor PeopleSoft Sessions

October 10, 2008 2 comments

This is Taken from PeopleBooks – PeopleTools 8.49.

TheWebLogic Server console can display a list of established HTTP sessions for that instance of the WebLogic Server. Session Monitoring is automatically enabled for WebLogic. These instructions describe how monitor the single server configuration of PIA. When in production, note that a multi server configuration would be used to perform these steps to the server instance that you intend to monitor, such as PIA1 or PIA2, or both.

  1. Start the PIA server.Start the PIA server either using startPIA.cmd(.sh) or, if installed as a Windows service, NET START peoplesoft-PIA.
  2. Log on to PeopleSoftLog on to your PeopleSoft application. If possible, log on from a couple different workstations using different PeopleSoft IDs. For the purpose of this test, do not log off.
  3. Log on to the WebLogic Server Administrative Console.In a new browser, access the WebLogic Server console at http://weblogichost:port/console and specify the WebLogic administrative ID you specified during the PIA installation. The default ID and password are system/password, respectively.
  4. Monitor established HTTP sessions for the PORTAL web application.On the left, use the following navigation to view the list of established HTTP sessions for the PORTAL web application:
    1. Click Deployments, and view the deployment list in the right hand window.
    2. Click PeopleSoft.
    3. Select the Control tab.
    4. Select the PORTAL application module, where the context root of the module is ‘/’.
    5. Select the Monitoring tab.
    6. Select the Sessions tab.

Note. You can customize the list of fields that you want to monitor using the Customize this table link.

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