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VP1/PS User ID Password Change

June 12, 2008 1 comment

To change the password for VP1/PS, following steps are to be executed.

  1. Change VP1/PS Password online. Login to the appropriate PeopleSoft instance online, PeopleTools > Security > User profile open VP1/PS profile and change the password.
  2. Shutdown appserver and process scheduler server
  3. Change the password for VP1/PS in Application Server configuration using psadmin.
  4. Change the password for VP1/PS in Process Scheduler Server configuration using psadmin.
  5. Start appserver and process scheduler server
  6. Web profile Configuration – Go to PeopleTools > Web Profile – open up the related profile and update the password in the security tab.
  7. Change the VP1/PS password in Integration broker configuration file. Go to PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Gateway open the local Gateway – Click on properties link, enter user id and password and in the gateway configuration file change VP1/PS password.
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