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Email distribution error

I tried to distribute a report by email, set distribution type as ‘Email’ and format as ‘PDF’ and enter either a user with proper email or enter a desired email in Distributio detail. The report ended with an error, saying unable to send email. I opened up the message log file and the error text was as shown below.

3 parameters
Parameter 0 = psmail
Parameter 1 = -INPUTC:\DOCUME~1\hrdev\Local
Parameter 2 = Settings\Temp\PRCD3.tmp
SMTP Settings:

SMTPServer = outbound.smtp.net
SMTPPort = 25
SMTPServer1 =
SMTPPort1 = 0
SMTPSender = psadmin@peoplesoft.com
SMTPSourceMachine =
Error opening file, error code 2
Error opening file, error code 2
Error opening file, error code 2
Error opening file, error code 2
Error opening file, error code 2
Error opening file, error code 2
ERROR: sender or recipient are missing.Command line arguments are incorrect

Failure… email not sent

This error is because User defined environment variables TEMP and TMP is set to a long string like “C:\DOCUME~1\hrdev\Local Settings\Temp”. The space in that string, makes one parameter split into two parameters. Obviously the paramter2 and parameter3 put separately makes the file location unreadable and hence email fails. 

To resolve this problem the User defined Environment variables TEMP and TMP should be set to a simple string like C:\temp, with no space in it. Since the User defined environment variables are user ID specific, Make sure that the user who boots the application server and process scheudler server should login and reset the TEMP and TMP user variable. After Changing the variable, the same user need to restart the process scheduler server.


Email Distribution Parameters:

The Email subject, Message Text, and Email Address List data entered on the email distribution page is stored in the PSPRCSRQSTTEXT table. The key for this table is process instance.


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