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sa (system admin) password change

December 20, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

For security reasons, you may have to change sa password frequently in PeopleSoft application. Here are the two ways to change sa password. This change should be done when no users logged into the system. Apart from changing the password, no other configuration change is required in this regard.

1. Using Application Designer : Login to application designer and follow steps mentioned below.

  • Select Tools > Miscellaneous Definitions > Access Profiles.
  • The Access Profiles dialog appears.
  • In the Access Profiles: list, highlight the profile that you want to modify, and click Edit.
  • The Change Access Profile dialog appears.
  • This dialog prompts you for the old password then to type and confirm the new password for the Access Profile.
  • Enter and confirm the new a password.
  • The Access Password is the password string for the ID. Confirm Password is a required field and its value must match that of Access Password.
  • Click OK.

2. The manual steps are as given below

  • Change the ‘sa’ password at database level.
  • Login to Datamover in bootstrap mode and run the below script
  • For PeopleTool in 8.4x
      change_access_password sa1 NEW_SYSADM_PWD;
    For lower PeopleTools version it could be
      set change_access_password sa1 NEW_SYSADM_PWD;

    sa1 is the symbolic id for sa.

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